A 2016 Resolution

Microblog_MondaysHere’s a resolution that I know I can keep. I resolve to write more consistently in the coming year. That way, I’ll become a habit that will just be a routine part of the day, and not a chore. I’m writing for fun, after all.

I figure that a little structured fun isn’t too hard, which is why I am lucky to have found that there’s a regular prompt for Mondays available. See you next Monday at the latest!


4 Replies to “A 2016 Resolution”

  1. I think writing begets writing. If you write daily, it’s always easier to jump into it. The times when I take off for a few days, it’s hard to get started again. Glad you made it your resolution.

    1. It’s getting easier, especially with tools to nudge me. Also, knowing people are paying attention is a boost too. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hi Ryan. A year ago I resolve to be more consistent with writing over-all and blogging in particular. I posted 31 times more in 2015 than 2014. The resolve this year is to continue. Microblog Monday is a great prompt.

    Good luck and congratulations.


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