David Nelson over at WoW Insider asks us the question, do we think of World of Warcraft as a game like console or computer games or as a hobby, such as (please don’t groan…) golf? While I don’t golf, I do play games other than WoW, like console games. If there’s ever an extended downtime on my realm, I will sometimes turn on one of my old consoles, such as my Playstation, Gamecube, or XBox, and try and make some progress in one of the games there. I’ve got a few console games I haven’t finished for whatever reason and I get an itch sometimes to pick them up.

I’ve got to say I think of WoW as a serious hobby. With the time and money I’ve spent on WoW and will spend, eventually, it’s going to approach, or pass, the amount I spent on console gaming. The only other game I’ve spent a huge amount of time on previously for such a long period was Diablo II (yeah, Blizzard has pwned me good…)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Chrono Cross is calling.

Breakfast Topic: Game or Hobby? – WOW Insider