It’s been quite a while since I went on a long trip. The last out-of-state trip I took was last summer’s family trip to Vegas, but the last multi-state trip I was on was nearly a decade ago. Vegas is a decent hop from Southern California, but I’ve been thinking a longer trip would be fun. I’ve yet to really experience the east coast of this country, so that would be a trip I’d like to plan out and go on for a long vacation. How do I get there?

It would be a super long drive and perhaps an RV rental would be fun, but I’d likely be taking a solo trip, so a train trip or flight is what I’m thinking. I don’t mind flying, but I’ve never been on a cross-country train ride. That’s what I’d rather travel in for a long trip. What about you?


Would you rather drive across the country in an RV or go by train?

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