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Tomorrow’s 2016. 2015 certainly has been interesting. Despite the link below’s prompting, I know, realistically, that I’ll be the same person tomorrow, but, unlike earlier years, I think that’s OK. This won’t be a terribly detailed retrospective, but I do hope it’s a peek into what I’m thinking about and will be thinking about in 2016.

This year has had its ups and a few downs, but, thankfully, the ups were way up, and I think I’ve grown as a result of the downs. Late in the year I decided to be more mindful of all I’ve got to be grateful for, besides the obvious things like family and health.

It may sound strange, but sometimes I feel like good things have slowly started to increase in frequency around me. That might not be right. Maybe I’m just better able to notice what’s going on.

That’s not to say that the world has been all good things and happiness. I’ve just decided that my reaction to events, if any, and even direct actions taken continue as I’m able to sometimes step out of my comfort zone to help. I may not be loud, but I am aware of many things.

I’m thinking that, in the coming year, that I’ll share a bit more of the people and events that I see doing good, in ways I like. Next up is an event I’ve been following and supporting for the past couple years, Awesome Games Done Quick, which is a charity marathon, raising funds for Doctors Without Borders via their Summer event. Doctors Without Borders is a very important organization, especially in these days of conflict in various countries. How the money gets raised is what drew my attention. They play games. Not only that, but they play them as quickly as possible; they’re speedrunners. This takes place at hotel ballroom and is broadcast live, around the clock, online.

There are donation incentives, such as entertainment and even physical goods, given away during the event, and cool things, like commentary during runs,sometimes involving the very developers of the games being run in some cases (as their games break due to the skill of the  runners…)

Some of the runners and commentators are as entertaining as, or even more than the games they run. It begins this Sunday, January 3, which is why I’m mentioning it now. I’ll be watching as much of it as I’m able while it’s live during this coming week, and I’m already following a similar marathon that’s focused on a single universe of games, the Zeldathon Hope, which ends its current event this Saturday.

In case it isn’t clear, I do like to watch gaming streams, whether it’s speed running or not, and if it’s for a good cause, that’s definitely of interest to me. I’ll try to bring attention to the marathons I follow as they approach during the year. That these event can raise pretty hefty funds for their chosen causes is very important to keep in mind. Passionate fans can do good things, and even if a person can’t give, just spreading the word can help.

I do hope to see more of the above types of events, even as I work on my own fan-supported activities; there was a new Star Wars movie unleashed on movie theaters, and already, things are in the planning stages for a fan group I’m in, Saber Guild, that are related to it. We’ll see how that works out once our own active seasons approach, and there’s an upcoming convention in London this summer that I’m sure will be pretty exciting as well.

Last, but certainly not least, let me wrap this up by saying that I’ve met, and spent much time with friends, old and new. Sometimes, it feels like not enough, but every time, I felt lucky to share the company of others, even being an introvert and all. If you’re ever wondering why I’m sometimes quiet, it’s just my time to recharge as best I can. This year, I attended my first Foo Fighters concert (certainly hope it’s not the last), but I was not alone; some excellent luck allowed me to move to a spot near some good friends. Of all the concerts I’ve been to, this one sets a high bar for energy.

This year, I’ll be attending a few more cons, and some which cover more of my interests, such as anime and gaming. Star Wars Celebration, WonderCon, and even San Diego Comic-Con were all fun, but a bit more relaxed for me this year.

Here’s to a good 2015, and to what will surely be a fun 2016 as well!

inspired by A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”   – Confucius

I think I’ve already started doing it a bit, but, in order to not run out of ideas of things to post o my blog on a daily basis, I’m going to get serious about making a note of anything I find interesting.

Normally, I let random ideas just kind of float away, shortly after they spark my attention. No more, I say! I will retain more, by being more mindful. That way, I can’t kick myself for not remembering even small, inconsequential things.

Hopefully, that also means that things I’m working on learning (like Japanese) will not seem so daunting in their vastness of information.

This was inspired by a post I stumbled upon when searching for prompts, but has been on my mind for a while.

I’m posting, this, in a bunch of places, in the hopes that somebody will nudge me if they see me lapsing. No promises of high quality, but I’ll try my best not to write about every little mundane thing.


Microblog_MondaysHere’s a resolution that I know I can keep. I resolve to write more consistently in the coming year. That way, I’ll become a habit that will just be a routine part of the day, and not a chore. I’m writing for fun, after all.

I figure that a little structured fun isn’t too hard, which is why I am lucky to have found that there’s a regular prompt for Mondays available. See you next Monday at the latest!
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That’s how I would greet you if I were standing close enough to do so. The probe, named Voyager, was sent by the people of the planet Earth, but this message was composed by a single person, individually.

I make a note of this because the Voyager probe was built by a team, a large group of humans. That’s what we call ourselves.

I, and many other humans, are very curious about the world we love in and the wider universe. That’s why the probe was launched. It’s been sending information back to us during its long trip.

Before it grew too distant for a message to be sent to it, I was asked to write this note. I was not given a topic, so I apologize if much of this has been self-evident by the remaining co tents of the probe. It did contain items meant to convey information about the human species in general.

I’m nearly out of space in this, so I’ll wrap up by saying that I truly hope to see a return message during my lifetime, but even if it arrives after, it’s worth sending, so please do, and tell me about who you are.

Until then,


Voyager’s Last Message
inspired by a prompt at Writing Prompts on tumblr. Image credit: NASA Science News

Ah, 2015. It was a pretty good year, on the balance. I think I accomplished most of what I actively set out to do.

I am a bit bummed that I did kind of fall off on my exercise plans, but that’s easy enough to pick up again. I think I’ll do that more slowly, to build up the habit more easily.

We’ll see.


Chewie, we’re home


Today’s the day! The new Star Wars movie begins it run in theaters this evening. My or pre-purchased ticket, reserved months in advance, is for an 8 PM screening.

Hopefully, I won’t be completely useless at work today due to the excitement. I’ve actually seen the movie at the premiere screening earlier this week, but the movie’s so good, I definitely want to see it again, even if just to pick up more details I might have missed.
It is Star Wars, after all, right?

I’ve loved the universe of Star Wars almost my entire life. I was too little for the initial premiere of the original film, and I’m side it was not a luxury my parents, taking care of my 1-year old self and my baby brother, could afford, that warm May day back in 1977. My first viewing is the same as many my age: on TV (likely on ON TV, an early cable provider), and I was hooked.

Every time after the first, if I saw that Star Wars was on the TV schedule, in TV Guide, or via a commercial, it felt like a short holiday. I knew I would be trying to watch it when it aired.

I’m sure my parents loved it too. They certainly had no problemd watching when it was on. All three of the originals were experienced by my brothers and I (3 of us by the time Return of the Jedi was released) on TV, in fact. It wasn’t until the re-releases in theaters, after years of wearing out the boxed VHS tape set, that we’d see the first trilogy in theaters.

So, fast forward from the 90’s to the present. We all still love the films, I’m able to not onlh costume up as, but also able to perform as a Jedi, as part of a group of like-minded fans and friends, in Saber Guild, an LFL-recognized, international lightsaber performance group.


I’m a Jedi


We create and perform shows, in characters of our own creation and with known characters, and any funds recieved are donated to local charities. We volunteer our time to spread the wonder and excitement of Star Wars to others.

It’s my association with, and participation in that group that got me involved in the comic conventions I’ve attended, such as the Long beach and San Diego comic-cons. I’ve met many fellow fans and made many friends across the other costume clubs, such as the 501st and Rebel Legions, The Dark Empire, and others.

It’s been a great deal of fun, and some work, but it’s also been a dream come true. I feel so lucky, and grateful to be alive, now, because, even in the face of the spread of evil and fear-mongering I’m the wider world, there are those that fight that depressing really off, in bursts, as they can, by spreading love and hope. I could not be prouder to be a part of such a community. Yes the movies are fun, but the community is what drives many fans to band together for good causes.


Saber Guild Outer Rim Temple


I’m excited today that yet another generation will get to experience the awe and wonder from what follows these words on the big screen:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…


“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
– Frank Herbert, Dune

I’ve seen it over and over. A blank page is the most frightening thing to a writer. I extend that fear to any creative undertaking. Heck, I’d even extend it to software development. A screen, with nothing but a blinking cursor is pretty daunting.

I don’t think I’m a great storyteller, but maybe that’s because I’ve never tried it out. The more I think about how much I love to read, hear, or watch a story unfold, the more I think that perhaps the stories worth telling are only such simply because they’ve been told, and not held back.

That’s still poking me sometimes. I don’t believe I have very interesting stories to tell. Whether that’s true or not isn’t always up to me, but I’ve long thought that even the struggles I’ve been through don’t seem so bad when I look at the problems of the wider world. Although I do experience some pretty exciting events and have fun with friends, not much of it falls into the nostalgic reminiscing level, in my opinion.

Maybe I’m setting the bar too high for my own biographical standard. My life’s not that mundane, after all.

I’ll think some more, and be more mindful, just in case something I do think is interesting happens. It’s the time of year (Winter holidays) when interesting things do sometimes occur. I shall try being less afraid of sharing.

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