I’m considering upgrading my guild’s forum software to phBB3. If anybody knows and World of Warcraft-oriented themes, I’d love links to them. Come on, lazyweb. Don’t let me down!


Blizzcon’s on the list of 7 Game Conventions to Attend Before You Die:

Video game conventions are great. Where else can you play the latest games, get tons of free stuff thrown at you, and see videos of upcoming games on 50 foot HD screens? This list includes the best gaming conventions in the world and why you need to go.

That’s seriously awesome. I’ve never been to a gaming con before, so I feel super lucky to have scored a ticket to one of the “must-attend” cons. I think that after this, I’ll have to try going to an anime con since I’m starting to become (been for a while?) a bit of an otaku when it comes to that as well.

via Wowinsider

image via Coneee on flickr.

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The WoW guild I’m an officer in, Sanctity (US-Azuremyst) downed Lady Vashj this evening for our guild’s first downing of her. It was very fun, especially since the team vibes were flowing. For those who understand the fight, it’s also interesting to note that one of the tainted elementals unfortunately de-spawned (really bad luck that a strider came at the exact same time and place as the elemental) on us, making phase 2 a tad long, but the team persevered and prevailed.

Screenshot after the jump.
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