So, I had an urge to mess around with an alternative operating system from the one I usually work in. It was Ubuntu, and I’d tried it out a few years back. The process went fairly smoothly, but was nearly derailed by one detail that makes it not quite ready for primetime (luckily, I still have an ethernet cable handy). I had a heck of a time getting my wifi card recognized. I wasn’t installing it on a custom built machine, after all, but a MacBook Pro, so I was prepared that some functionality would be a bit limited (i.e., the track-pad is a bit “dumb”), but I kind of expected the driver support would be there for something basic like a wifi card. Luckily, I’m not afraid to RTFM, which helped, but I had to try 2 sets of firmware to get it right. Would be nice if there was a bit more support for getting this set up.

Now, I get to work on fun stuff, like customizing the heck out of this computer’s desktop. What do you think? Did I pick a good distro? One that even a power user could be happy with? Any other solid and fairly user-friendly ones I may be missing? Let me know.