What are you are looking forward to?


Since there’s less than 2 weeks left in the year, I think the title should probably have “2015” at the end, but I’ll leave it of, for now. This might be my first open-ended post.

This isn’t a static post. It will change over time, as I add, and remove items from the actual list. Items can be suggested, and if I like them, they’ll be become list items. So, like the items you like and suggest away (follow the list if you like as well!) I have a feeling I’m not the only person that’s looking forward to quite a few things.
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There were no donuts today (the picture is from yesterday), but apparently, there is a holiday for donuts, and, unfortunately, it’s in June. We had donuts brought in by an angel of a co-worker yesterday, which got me thinking that there might need to be a holiday for it and that I shall create it! Luckily, another had this idea (long) before I did.





Mmmm… donut…

It wasn’t Homer. It was a bit before our times. Check it out here (and mark your calendars!)

National Donut Day

This bit of silly writing was inspired by a prompt over on the Desk community site. The Desk app recently got some big love by being included in Apple’s Apps of The Year list. Huzzah!

Anybody out there ever had an idea and was close to acting to making it happen and then discovering, it’s been done (and, did you do it anyway?) Sometimes, doing it anyway can yield surprising success.

Now that Blogging 101 over at The Daily Post has wrapped up, it’s time to take a quick look at my resulting posts. Here’s a short list of what I think of as the “highlights.” In no particular order, but numbered, nonetheless:

  1. Take…a red shirt – I didn’t really get any responses on office shenanigans, but I’m sure there are more interesting ones that the one I posted out there.
  2. Salad Days – Lamenting the trouble I had getting my brothers to play games with me.
  3. We all want a hero – I commented on another’s post, and had a bit of a conversation as a result.
  4. Valuable Data – I really enjoyed thinking about a “what if” situation that also tells a bit about myself.

I don’t create lists often, but it’s nice to go over some posts to quickly review, so this might happen again, from time to time. I’m doing my best to fit the theme of the Countdown Challenge here. You’ll probably see better efforts there.


Sometimes, I think my phone’s brightness is too bright. It’s often that I find myself fiddling with the brightness, especially in a dark environment, such as outdoors at night.

It’s a little tricky to get it right when indoors as well, and I’m hoping I can find the right setting that automatically adjusts to a comfortable setting no matter where I’m at. I’ll keep tweaking it until I hit the sweet spot.

One Word Wednesday: Bright

The past 30 days has gone pretty quickly, I must admit. In between work and extracurricular time, I’ve been participating in Blogging 101. At first I had intended to take part to simply motivate myself to post more often. I think, however, that it kind of did a bit more. It got the gears turning, and I now, at the end, just created a bit of an editorial calendar of things I’d like to work on through the end of the year (30 more days).

The first is to post a bit more activity from one of my other fun activities, Saberguild. Also on the calendar is a game review, which is a bit scary because I’ve never written a lot about how I feel about any particular thing and I used to hate book reports in grade school, so this’ll be interesting. Last, but not least, I might try a few challenges, starting with the weekly photo posting challenge, the One Word Photo Challenge.I want to take, and post more photos as well, so I’m challenging myself to do that more. Having a goal is helpful and sometimes tricky. I mainly wanted to achieve something, though.

All this should hopefully lead into the next phase of learning and growing in the new year. Here’s to a fun month had, and to come!