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This weekend, I squeezed in an actual, sit-down, bath. Normally, I’m a stand-up, showering guy, but I was on a mini-vacation, so I figured a treat was in order.

That feeling of completely relaxing in hot water is a rare luxury that most of us, in our frantic daily lives, don’t get a chance to enjoy. With no strict timetable, it was time to take the plunge.

It felt so good.

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I believe that all animals experience love, although they do process it a bit differently, depending on their development stage. I think instinct takes over more as they mature. That seems to be what separates even primates from humans.

Source: Today’s Writing Prompt: Animal Love

Do you believe that animals feel love?
Do you believe that all animals feel love? Turtles? Beetles? Squid?

Hi, my name’s Ryan.

It’s my middle name, for those that don’t know. It’s also what my parents have called me, since shortly after naming me after my dad (I’m a Junior!) It’s been a fun ride since it sounds just like Brian if I’m not careful when giving it to people in noisy places, like cafes.

It’s also super common, so I’m often turning around when similar-sounding names, or even my own, are called, when another Ryan is intended.

I’ll have to find out how it was chosen since that story is one I don’t recall being told.

Is there a story behind your name? What does it mean and how was it chosen?

The One-Minute Writer – Feb 11, 2016

[Note: wrote this Saturday, didn’t post due to technical difficulties]

Today was a good day. I started cleaning my room, early for Spring in stead of late.

The first season of “BTOOOM!” is behind me. It’s an anime that’s a bit like Hunger Games and Battle Royale, except that the only weapons allowed are small, personally deployable bombs, and the contestants are sent there by people that hold grudges against them individually. I do hope to see a second season someday. I will likely read the manga for this one.

I joined a few old friends and a met some new ones to celebrate a birthday at a Round 1 entertainment center. I need more Guitar Hero or Rockband practice. 🙂

The room cleaning continues tomorrow. The goal is to not only see more floor space, but to clear space for a new computer. It’ll be a gaming station since I’ve been wanting to play some new (and older) games at good quality settings, and I’ve always had to majorly turn down settings for a while. World of Warcraft, a game I’ve played for about 10 years is getting another graphics boost this summer and I want to be ready for virtual reality, should it be a thing this year. A couple years worth of solid entertainment is what I’m investing in.

I’ve been putting off the upgrade for too long to my primary home machine. I was waiting for Apple to pay attention to games again, system-wise, but there’s no rumblings in the pipes that that’s happening anytime soon, and a Mac Pro isn’t a good fit for gaming. We’ll see if a manufacture I’ve seen good things from will do. More about this at a later date.