The Overwatch League is in its first season! I caught the first Saturday’s matches, although I was a bit late for the first game. My team, the LA Gladiators, had its match last, so no worries there.

Overwatch League wristband
Other side of the wristband.

First up:

London Spitfire versus Philadelphia Fusion


Largest progress indicator I’ve ever seen 🙂
Yes, that’s a pro Junkrat

Highlights between halves of the match:



New York Excelsior versus Houston Outlaws

One of the desk commentators, Soe
4 of the desk commentators
Casters for the match
a large (!) view of Junkertown, the first map of the match
Junkertown interior shot
Spectator panels – these are animated and show player status live
Zenyatta is pretty strong. 🙂
a fan-favorite, Jake.

the main event:

Seoul Dynasty versus Los Angeles Gladiators

The Gladiators made a proper entrance:

Gladiators initial roster
A very purple version of the Gladiators logo
Gladiators logo – #ShieldsUP
the matchup
Showing how tough they are. First game against Seoul began with a tie.
Progress on a later game

I’m not posting the results here, but all the matches were fun to watch, with the last one being super fierce. Seoul has one of the best, and most experienced Overwatch teams in the league and the Gladiators didn’t slack off. The videos of the entire matches should be up at Looking forward to next Saturday. 🙂