Favorite Never Been To Place

Currently, the place I like most that I’ve never visited would have to be the city of New York. It’s at the top because of how iconic it is and also because of how different it’s “character” is from the major cities I’ve visited so far. I’m fortunate enough as well to have met at least one person whom I would like to visit, once I put a trip together, but I also wouldn’t mind a tourist-type of visit, because there’s quite a bit of culture to take in.


I’m curious to know what others choose. Please, let me know.


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OK, let’s suppose, for a minute, that I got the chance travel back in time to relive part of the past. If I got to do either high school or college over again, what would I do differently? I’d first like to think I’d need a good reason to do so before tackling the question.

That’s actually pretty tricky because where I am now is a result of both, in different ways. I’d say that I would have rebelled more in high school. Instead, I really believed everything that my parents said about how hard academic work would pay off (which is only partially true – social skills help too) in having great relationships, and that people that value intelligence would come around, despite the awkward nerdiness – i.e. no need to change for other people. I say it’s partially true because being smart only gets one so far, but being smart and witty is a good combination.

Being able to carry on, socially, means you become approachable so that people can see your true self. If you’re just some know-it-all who can’t carry on a conversation with a layperson, you’re going to struggle. I did (and still do) and hopefully will come through it relatively unscathed. I’m far from perfect, but I hope a bit wiser for the experiences.

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Would you do either over again? Let me know.