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The sky is blue. That’s normal, I know, but one always notices it more the day after being completely covered in rain clouds.

There’s more energy available from a clear sky, so I’m more inclined to open my blinds in the morning on bright days than on gray days.

It’s important to remember that waking up, whether it’s a blue or gray (or black – space station dwellers sleep too) sky, I’m awake, and alive, for another day. There’s potential. The day can be a good one.

It can be. I can be. We all can be. Let’s be good.

Some motivational words for this gloomy Monday:

Source: Motivational Monday – 2/27/17 – Rebirth of Lisa

The infamous ‘They’ also say you find your reward on the other side of fear.

I’ve found that also to be true. I do, however, see it as a realist. The “reward,” whatever it might be, is not usually going to be immediate, nor obvious when it manifests.

Sometimes, it is, though. Example: pushing through the fear of rejection, and asking your crush out, with confidence. That’s the key. Your life doesn’t end with a “no,” and you must believe it.

Source: Motivational Monday – 2/27/17 – Rebirth of Lisa

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It was a very dry desert, but also, a very cold one.

I live in what could be considered a desert, but it’s not always because it’s hot, but sometimes, it’s because of the cold times. In some ways, I feel like winter can be harsher than summer. That might be because it’s sometimes harder to warm up.

The warmer summer months are only rough for me when they’re humid, making sweat and evaporation of that sweat less comforting. I’d take a dry summer night over a dry winter night any day.

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Lately, I’ve thought that I don’t often do a thing that I see many bloggers do very often. That thing is: sharing other people’s content. I don’t just mean the link sprinkled here and there. I mean something like bringing attention to their stuff, driving interest their way.

OK, it’s time to do something about that.

I’ll start off with a blogger that has been super consistent for a very long time, John Saddington. The thing that first caught my attention was that he gets up, writes, and posts something, every single day. That’s super challenging.

Not only that, but his posts are often a peek into the mind of a software developer, human, dad, and lifelong learner. His currently visible project is a daily VLOG (video log). Making a video every single day (he still writes as well), especially if you’re learning along the way, is tough. When I think of giving up on any of my experiments, I remember this. John’s post (and video) today might have been a bit of a kick for that too. Check out the video:

How John sees and executes new projects:

1. Time box
2. Create artificial constraints to simplify your experiment
3. Create accountability
4. Invite others into your experiment and process

At this point, I think I understand the above, but I honestly need to get better at all those points. For example, I started the 100 Days Of Code challenge, but have fallen off on that, so my time box is broken. I can see now that since I didn’t force myself to stick to some artificial constraint (always do work at the same time, for the same amount of time, one hour), it became super hard to get motivated enough to do any work. I’ve got almost no accountability here, and I think only one person knows I even started this.

The last point, inviting others in, is the scariest part. Nobody wants to look like they don’t know how to do a thing that they’re public about, but I realize that that’s  how you stay accountable: somebody is watching what you do, so you want to have something done, on a regular basis.

I feel like John is a person worthy of daily attention. I’m even using a piece of software he’s published, Desk, to type up this post. Subscribe to his VLOG, add his blog to your reader. It’s that good.


I used to have a copy that looked like this. Source: ilisteniwatch

The best book I have ever read is tough to decide. For now, I’m going with Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton. I read it back when I was in high school.

I think I first became interested in it when one of our math teachers, Mrs. Kinch, mentioned it, if I recall correctly, during a math club meeting. I acquired a copy of that book and blitzed through it in 2 days (an all-nighter on one of them!) I liked that world of the island and the things that went down. There was some mention of chaos theory in there, but it was the suspense and action that hooked me.

I wasn’t interested in Crichton’s writing until this book, but I became a fan after. I usually stick to his sci-fi-fi stuff, though, like Congo and Timeline. I also started to pay a bit more attention to illustrations in sci-fi novels after this book. Some of my favorite books overall also have some figures or diagrams scattered through their pages.

I already was heavily into reading by the point I found Jurassic Park, but I became much more active at my local library, checking out more books and devouring them. I dug into Piers Anthony, Heinlein, and a few others in sci-fi and fantasy authors’ works for years after JP. It was another big push in my love of reading.

Now, it’s your turn:

What is the best book you have ever read? Why did you like it? Did reading the book change you in any way? What way?Prompt source is here

Handsome Jack, Hyperion Corporation’s most cutthroat employee

Check out part one here, or part two here.

Game with the best cut scenes

World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s cinematics team is right up there, quality-wise, with the folks at ILM.

Favorite antagonist

Ganon, the infamous enemy of Hyrule.

Favorite protagonist


By Modified from [1]. Samus Aran and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption copyright Nintendo., Fair use, Link
It’s not Link. It’s actually Samus Aran, the bounty hunter of the Metroid series.

Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in

Hanamura, Japan. From the game Overwatch.

Favorite genre

Right now, I’d have to go with MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game). I’ve got multiple subs to some decently well-known ones and rotate as games are retired.

Game with the best story

This changes over time, but currently, it’s Ori And The Blind Forrest.

A game sequel which disappointed you

I’d say Gears of War 3 comes closest to disappointing because, while it had a pretty decent story, it needed a bit more length to let it breathe.

Game you think had the best graphics or art style

Doubleshot Bandit – Borderlands 2

The Borderlands series. That shading style was not new when the first Borderlands game was released, but it’s really a stylistic mark of all the Borderlands games, even the game from Telltale Games.

That’s all for now. The fourth, and final part of this series is soon to come. Stay tuned!

Margaritas were enjoyed.

It’s the day after Valentine’s day, and I didn’t celebrate Singles Awareness Day for the first time in a very long time. Instead, it was Taco Tuesday with my honey. I enjoyed it immensely. We ate good tacos, walked a bit, talked a bit, shared warmth during more walking.

It was a good evening.

Today, I gaze upon other couples’ social media posts (and a few single friends’) and feel like I’m now in the best days of my life. Yes, even during these times of great uncertainty and craziness in the world, I still feel very positive.

It’s Wednesday again, so that means it’s also another Hump Day! 🙂 No, I will not post a talking camel video again (for a while.)

Gallifrey One starts tomorrow! I’m so excited, even though I have no idea yet what actual events I’m going to try to make it to, except for the Real Timelords of OC dinner on Sunday, which will be after the closing ceremonies.

On to a long day of work and then last-minute preparations and some very loose planning for a fun-filled weekend.


I’ll quote Lisa this morning because it feels 100% correct to me:

This is the week of LOVE with V-Day tomorrow.Instead of focusing on loving someone else, let’s focus on self love, because we all know you can’t love anyone until you love yourself. #mm…

Source: Motivational Monday 2/13/17 – Rebirth of Lisa

I really feel that my outlook on life took a turn for the better once I just gave up a huge chunk of built-up cynicism and embraced the above philosophy. I truly didn’t believe anything would change, but, over time, I started to feel like the people around me probably noticed, and the feeling of actually being loved and valued increased.

I would have continued to develop into the grump and the loner I was heading down the path toward becoming. Instead, my introverted self enjoys the company of friends and am even able to keep a clear focus during these trying times.

It also feels pretty good to not feel the usual sense of dread for the coming holiday. I do appreciate the pangs it can inflict on the unwilling singles. Most days can, but I truly do believe awareness should be raised on at least one day. So, to those still struggling to keep your head up – stay strong, and really love yourself. It is an attractive way to be.

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My hobby is playing video and computer games. It’s not a secret. What I like about them is a bit tougher to describe, but I’ll try.

Games are usually a fun pastime, and that is what I believe their primary reason for existing is. I do play games mainly because I find them fun. That’s not the only reason, though.

I also play them to visit, if only for a short time, different worlds than the current, real one. Sometimes it’s vastly different worlds, at times, there’s only a slight difference. It’ll be a “what if this one thing happened” scenario, and what kinds of adventures would result.

Often, I do like taking on the role of a hero, saving the day. I think I enjoy that because, unlike a book, or a movie, I get to control the flow of whatever “story” unfolds. Sometimes it’s a branching story, and other times, it can be a very linear story, and the variations can have their ways of entertaining, at different times and depending on what I’m in the mood for.

Games are also a way to provide exercise for the mind, without dire consequences. Solving puzzles in virtual worlds is also fun, and those virtual achievements can be something to remember fondly if only because some seemingly impossible task was pulled off by what might have been a burst of creative thinking.

Some games hide surprises and delightful moments, and I dig those as well.

This is not an exhaustive set of reasons, but I think it’s good for now. I might expand this someday, but I’m sure I far from alone in most of these reasons.


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If we were having coffee…

I’d wish our humble host a speedy recovery from the flu. I’d also share that it actually feels pretty good to catch my breath this weekend (well, Saturday, at least) and do some errands. I got a load of clothes donated to the local Goodwill, at last.

I’d also let you know that, after a brisk, frantic week of increasing productivity, my team’s backlog is nearly clear (small win!)

I got a clean bill of health at the annual adult physical (that has been overdue!) That’s a not-so-small win (lost 5 pounds so far this year-huzzah!)

My sweetheart and I also saw John Wick: Chapter 2 last night. We loved it. I feel like it’s better than the first, and I believe it’s not the last we’ll see of Mr. Wick.

I’m looking forward to a fun Sunday, most likely spent playing video games with my favorite person. Having an NES Classic will be very handy as we get a dose of the nostalgias.

Next weekend is the long-anticipated Gallifrey One Convention, so posts may be a bit scarce, but I’ll try and squeeze something in. Until next time, sip carefully!

If we were having coffee, I’d advise you to sit a little bit away so as not to catch any of my flu germs–because yes, unfortunately, the flu has finally made its way to our house. IR…

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