I’ll quote Lisa this morning because it feels 100% correct to me:

This is the week of LOVE with V-Day tomorrow.Instead of focusing on loving someone else, let’s focus on self love, because we all know you can’t love anyone until you love yourself. #mm…

Source: Motivational Monday 2/13/17 – Rebirth of Lisa

I really feel that my outlook on life took a turn for the better once I just gave up a huge chunk of built-up cynicism and embraced the above philosophy. I truly didn’t believe anything would change, but, over time, I started to feel like the people around me probably noticed, and the feeling of actually being loved and valued increased.

I would have continued to develop into the grump and the loner I was heading down the path toward becoming. Instead, my introverted self enjoys the company of friends and am even able to keep a clear focus during these trying times.

It also feels pretty good to not feel the usual sense of dread for the coming holiday. I do appreciate the pangs it can inflict on the unwilling singles. Most days can, but I truly do believe awareness should be raised on at least one day. So, to those still struggling to keep your head up – stay strong, and really love yourself. It is an attractive way to be.

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