Now that Blogging 101 over at The Daily Post has wrapped up, it’s time to take a quick look at my resulting posts. Here’s a short list of what I think of as the “highlights.” In no particular order, but numbered, nonetheless:

  1. Take…a red shirt – I didn’t really get any responses on office shenanigans, but I’m sure there are more interesting ones that the one I posted out there.
  2. Salad Days – Lamenting the trouble I had getting my brothers to play games with me.
  3. We all want a hero – I commented on another’s post, and had a bit of a conversation as a result.
  4. Valuable Data – I really enjoyed thinking about a “what if” situation that also tells a bit about myself.

I don’t create lists often, but it’s nice to go over some posts to quickly review, so this might happen again, from time to time. I’m doing my best to fit the theme of the Countdown Challenge here. You’ll probably see better efforts there.


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