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It’s a simple intention that I post here, but a habit I hope to keep up. I intend to post something, anything, every single Monday in 2017. I further intend it specifically to be here, on my personal space online. For now, I’ll have it be for #MicroblogMondays since I’ve got a reminder set to remind me. Soon enough, I want it to just be a habit.

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As I got off the telephone with her, I imagined showing her this dusk I’d seen a few times while strolling along the shore next to the old fence. She accepted the invitation so easily, and that made me feel less nervous, for the time being. If I am at a loss for words during our stroll, I’ll try and remember and recite this poem, and hope it doesn’t spook her:

search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,
tell no one,
I will take someone,
– ghost, me!

We’ll see how this goes!

Prompt: IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge


She’s gorgeous, I think to myself, wondering what I should do besides intently stare into her brown eyes. She’s saying something about a movie we’ve both seen, although not so recently for myself. I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo? There’s a jumble of thoughts in my head.

“I like broken hero types, like Elliot in Mr. Robot,” I say, trying to relate the movie to a show I’d recently gotten into. He’s completely unlike the typical hero type she’s excited about in the movie, but she isn’t taking my troll lightly.

“What’s he got going for him, huh? Broken in what way?” She hasn’t seen much of the show, so I need to explain a bit more. “Well?”

I try to think quickly, temporarily distracted by a flash of her eyes in their sudden intensity. Ugh! Thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for! I laugh a bit, out of nervousness, struggling to answer.

“You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again,” she smiles mischievously.

“You’ve got pretty brown eyes, you know,” I stall. It’s true, but I’m not sure yet how to explain what I mean still. I knew it! That I don’t know! I still have to try, though.

“You’re just stalling now,” she teases.

“Well, this is tough, since I haven’t seen much of the show yet. I’m still trying to get a feel for the main characters.” This was true, only having seen the first 2 episodes.

“It’s true!” I plead. “I was trying to think of something about the show when you flashed your eyes. At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else!”

“Alright, we’ll come back to this later. I want to see if you still feel that way after a few more episodes,” she grins. “Thanks for the compliment. You better have meant it.” She gives my hand a squeeze.

“Oh, I did.” I squeeze her hand back.

Prompt: IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote Challenge


past hosted party,
gave future as the present,
present is partying.

My take on this poem is a pretty cool interpretation of the meaning of time. A person exists because of events that happened in the past. The present is always present and a gift of the new past. Then, the dreams of the future exist as an ideal (a party!)

I feel like that’s on optimistic take on time’s meaning. Seems good.

Prompt: IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge

Sometimes I wonder about what’s next in life for me. Winter is pretty much here. You’ve got to be kidding me! A steady blade balances the soul. That’s what I’m going to do. I can’t stop the feeling. Let’s see what I think of next. That was lucky. I’m almost there. The toughest sentence is the first.

Prompt: Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #03

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Tis the season for cozying up to someone special and listening to the almost musical crackle of burning logs. It’s a pretty good way to catch up with family as well. Sometimes, my family have the fire going in the aftermath of the Christmas present-opening, while the younger ones romp and play, and we do occasionally sit down to a holiday movie together (a bit rare until the younger nephew grows a bit more and settles down.) It’s time to warm up, and not just temperature-wise.

Prompt: Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #02.


I am a geek and a nerd. I embrace both. I love to geek out on a favorite topic, such as my current favorite game, or movie, or book. Sometimes, I realize that what seems like a calm explanation in my head comes out as an excited rush of words. It’s almost like exercise, in that I get a surge of adrenaline and am pumped up by the time I start to think maybe I need to give my audience (a friend, or family member) a break from me. But that’s just who I am. I surround myself with those who also get this way.

I geek out.

Prompt: Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Donnie Yen) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL
Chirrut Image from

So much on my mind this week! I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue One, with a date accompanying me, and not just with a group of friends, which is cool, but I’ve been wanting to share this experience with this person for a while. Another friend’s getting married on New Year’s Eve and the reception is going to be themed (Great Gatsby) and while that’s a bit more distant, it’s still on my mind. Oh yeah, Christmas is getting super close too! 🙂

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