I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve seen High Warlord Naj’Entus downed, but it must have been more than a couple dozen.

Halberd of Desolation has only dropped once since I’ve been visiting the Black Temple. My mantra for now remains “maybe next week the dice roll will be favorable…” Good thing this is the first boss in the instance or I would seriously get back into arena. If I’d only have known it would take so long. It hasn’t beaten Legacy as the most annoying drop for me though. I’d have to get it after we get Sunwell on farm first.

That’s not happening for a while yet. It won’t be too long though, compared to this wait.

BigRedKitty Podcast Episode One : It was a very good first episode! I already subscribe to the feed, but I’ll try and add it in iTunes for a convenient way to get the future episodes (of which I hope for many.) He’s far too modest (I knew it! He’s got some serious skills.) I’ve dabbled in Garageband myself, and while it’s a great app, it’s not super easy to use. His video-editing skills seem to have translated to the audio side of things pretty well.

Even though lots of things in beta are “borked” at this point, I still hope I get a beta key soon. I’d like to try out other hunter specs without the pain of respec costs (a semi-hardcore raider’s gotta conserve gold as much as possible…) and I’d like to take a Deathknight for a spin as well.

I hope episode 2 comes soon. Rawr!

I’m considering upgrading my guild’s forum software to phBB3. If anybody knows and World of Warcraft-oriented themes, I’d love links to them. Come on, lazyweb. Don’t let me down!


Blizzcon’s on the list of 7 Game Conventions to Attend Before You Die:

Video game conventions are great. Where else can you play the latest games, get tons of free stuff thrown at you, and see videos of upcoming games on 50 foot HD screens? This list includes the best gaming conventions in the world and why you need to go.

That’s seriously awesome. I’ve never been to a gaming con before, so I feel super lucky to have scored a ticket to one of the “must-attend” cons. I think that after this, I’ll have to try going to an anime con since I’m starting to become (been for a while?) a bit of an otaku when it comes to that as well.

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Mounts and small pets will take no bag space in Wrath:

As one commenter says, it’s “Christmas in July!” I will have so much bag and bank space freed up due to this. I was a bit excited about WoTLK before, but now I’m starting to _really_ want my beta invite…

This should make collectors very happy: collect all you can now, and they won’t take any space whatsoever once you learn them.

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