So, I had an urge to mess around with an alternative operating system from the one I usually work in. It was Ubuntu, and I’d tried it out a few years back. The process went fairly smoothly, but was nearly derailed by one detail that makes it not quite ready for primetime (luckily, I still have an ethernet cable handy). I had a heck of a time getting my wifi card recognized. I wasn’t installing it on a custom built machine, after all, but a MacBook Pro, so I was prepared that some functionality would be a bit limited (i.e., the track-pad is a bit “dumb”), but I kind of expected the driver support would be there for something basic like a wifi card. Luckily, I’m not afraid to RTFM, which helped, but I had to try 2 sets of firmware to get it right. Would be nice if there was a bit more support for getting this set up.

Now, I get to work on fun stuff, like customizing the heck out of this computer’s desktop. What do you think? Did I pick a good distro? One that even a power user could be happy with? Any other solid and fairly user-friendly ones I may be missing? Let me know.

So, you’ve taken the first plunge into Twitter and feel a bit overwhelmed by the flood of posts? If you have a bit of time to spare, I’ve collected a few guides that may help orient you, and potentially prevent a few, avoidable faux pas. Ready? Dig in.

Mashable’s got a guide for you, check it out here:

Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions by MashableThe guide is organized by topic and quite a few frequently asked (and answered) questions are covered, such as “what is a #hashtag?”
Ready to take bigger steps? Then follow @TweetSmarter. Trust me on this one. These two knowledgeable people know their stuff. More information on the dynamic duo is available on their blog. They tweet great tips, often. :)From here, it depends on what you want to do, and my list is not terribly comprehensive. That’s on purpose. You’ll pick up a lot of information by lurking and exploring.

I’m no expert when it comes to Twitter, but I am a grizzled veteran. You can follow me if you are interested in the sometimes silly stuff I tweet about. I’m @ryagas and I love tips and tricks, so be sure to @message me or even leave a comment here. 🙂


There’s still not an official date for Mac or Linux releases of Chrome, but at least there’s some information on how the building and testing process is going. Hopefully, I won’t have to run Chrome in emulation too much longer.

As these versions stabilize, we will create official betas, much as we are now for the Windows version. While we can’t give any dates yet, we’ll keep everyone informed as we get closer.

via Official Google Mac Blog

I got a Time Capsule this evening after work at the local Apple Store. It was fairly easy to setup, despite my curve-ball-throwing self using it to extend my existing network. I had to remember to set me existing Extreme base station to allow extending, but once I did that, I got a green light from the capsule. After a few weeks of using the laptop on my lap for raiding, I can finally allow things to cool off…

It’s also kinda nice that I may actually get to get back on XBox Live after a few weeks away.