I realized something recently. I have no idea if I share some of my interests with my friends. I suppose it’s because of the things that we already know we have in common, like our shared love of the Doctor Who universe.

I do have a few more deep interests that I might be less obscure than they seem to me, such as watching speed-gaming for fun. Hopefully, I’ll be less afraid to share some of my special interests to try and pull them a bit out of obscurity. The fear is of getting the blank stare of those who don’t quite understand what I’m describing. It’s the fear of being uninteresting if I must put a name to it.

I had this wild thought. Maybe showing interest in something, anything at all can be interesting. That’s my hope.

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Stipula fountain pen

It’s a simple intention that I post here, but a habit I hope to keep up. I intend to post something, anything, every single Monday in 2017. I further intend it specifically to be here, on my personal space online. For now, I’ll have it be for #MicroblogMondays since I’ve got a reminder set to remind me. Soon enough, I want it to just be a habit.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Donnie Yen) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL
Chirrut Image from StarWars.com

So much on my mind this week! I’m looking forward to seeing Rogue One, with a date accompanying me, and not just with a group of friends, which is cool, but I’ve been wanting to share this experience with this person for a while. Another friend’s getting married on New Year’s Eve and the reception is going to be themed (Great Gatsby) and while that’s a bit more distant, it’s still on my mind. Oh yeah, Christmas is getting super close too! 🙂

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