I’ve been working hard (also known as hardly working) for the past couple of months at my new job. For the 2 people reading this, you know what I do and where, but for the rest, I’ll say this not-so-vague thing that still doesn’t just put it all out there: I work in tech support (no, I will not fix your computer…). Yeah, it never feels exciting when I just say it, but I feel almost like I’ve hit a jackpot. What am I saying? I’ve hit a jackpot in Vegas before and let me tell you…$80 worth of quarters dropping sure is mighty fun…I did the “yeah….it’s me…” head nod for a while…

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Anyways, I haven’t just been working the last couple of months since my last post. I’ve also been in school with one class this semester. Am I lazy? A bit. It’s true that I’ve got senioritus bad, but it was hard paying for school this semester since I was unemployed for over a month (my textbook was an overdue interlibrary loan, that’s how tight my money was). After this semester, I really have no excuse not to do well in school and maybe even finish during my own lifetime. The course this spring: Software Engineering. Seriously, that course could live in its own semester. Well, not really, but it would be nice to have one 16 unit course. Now that finals (final) are over once again, I can sleep in on my days off from work (oops, I work full time!)

It’s not all work, however (even at work…only during breaks, of course!) I still am an avid gamer and World of Warcraft player (elaboration: I’m a core raider in an end-game raiding guild.) After the usual and not entirely unexpected post-expansion guild meltdown, splintering, and inevitable reformation, things seem to be progressing somewhat again at their normal pace. The old guild master absorbed the spin-off guild I was in for a while after being away for a while getting prepared for a wedding to another member and we’ve nearly completed our current raid objective, the potentially-guild-destroying Karazhan 10-man raid dungeon.

Both of our raid teams progressed to the “final” boss of the dungeon, but a known glitch caused neither group to be able to kill Prince Malchezaar. Much cursing ensued on Monday night, the evening before the dungeon reset and also, before the latest patch is applied (coincidence, I think not…) Now, we’ll be spending the next couple of days sorting out post-patch wackiness and also preparing to once again take on the Prince. The next time we fight him, we hope to be celebrating the phat loots that a clear of Kara can bring (I’m ready for tier 4 gear, are you?).

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