Since the realms are currently down due to some mailbox issues (I have immense sympathy for the Blizzard IT guys…), I thought I’d begin making a list of things to do when you’re in the game, but otherwise can’t be doing the things you usually do in the game (quest, level professions, gather mats, etc.) due to the crush of players that are going to hit Northrend and the Death Knight starting areas. This list will probably grow over time since there’s at least one maintenance period a week in WoW. Here goes…

Work on easy Achievements

That’s right. Some achievements don’t involve killing a single monster (or critter.) For example, if I ever find some idle time, I’ll work on:

  • To All The Squirrels I’ve loved Before – There’s even a handy guide by BBR
    at Random Ravings.
  • Classic Dungeon Master – Yes, part of this one involves invading an opposite faction’s capital city, but once you’re in the instances, they are relatively easy to clear (and usually solo-able). A small group can quickly do the higher-level dungeons.
  • Explore! Visit those nooks and crannies of Azeroth and Outland that you may have missed. uncover those fogged-out areas on your maps. It’s kind of relaxing, in a way…
  • Level up a lowbie alt *

I’m probably going to see very little of Northrend during the first week or so after the expansion drops since I really don’t want to let the lag and spawn-camping slow me down. I went through it when the Burning Crusade dropped, and it’s simply a buzz-kill. Working on an alt can also be relaxing too because of the lower number of players in those “old-world” zones.

  • Do something other than play WoW *

Yeah, yeah. This one is actually a tricky one. However, I’ve got games on consoles systems, for example, that I haven’t cracked open yet. Playing them could be fun…

Or, I could maybe go out and see a movie or something. Having friends outside WoW can make for a good social event during those evenings when playing WoW isn’t fun.

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