You are presented with two career choices:

Deck Hand :

a worker on a ship who does work that does not require special training

To be sure, if I was ever found working on a ship, this would likely be my role. I definitely do not have any specialized nautical skills now, so manual labor would be what I’d do. This is an easy choice since I would quickly become bored, even with the occasional excitement of rough seas to throw a bump in the monotony of cleaning and moving equipment around. A pro would be the travel aspect. It would be fun to visit exotic ports, even if briefly. Getting a taste of multiple cultures directly is hard to beat.

Librarian :

a specialist in the care or management of a library

I like to read. Right now, it’s mostly fiction, but if I were a librarian, I think I’d expand that reading to non-fiction as well. I hear that some historical non-fiction is pretty compelling sometimes. The rise and fall of ancient empires, biographies, and even more magazines that I’m not sure I’d subscribe to (but might like to try), to name some of the stuff I’d read, even as I’d help keep things in order in the shelves.

If you are forced to spend the rest of your life as either a deck hand on a ship or as a librarian at a prestigious university, which would you choose and why (if neither, I want to know as well)?

Based on writingprompts on tumblr

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