Today’s assignment is a bit more behind-the-scenes than the earlier ones, but it could be interesting.

I sort of rebooted this blog decently well this past November, with Blogging 101, but the assignment today is something I should now be able to start on, and it’s the ever-so-exciting task of analyzing how it’s doing, and what’s working, and what’s not, or at least, that’s my interpretation of the assignment.

Stats from before November had very few human visitors and even then, a quick peek based upon a Google search (for, among things, “guild tabard”).

More interesting is how things went in November. A decent analysis to get an idea of how slow my blog was most of 2014, generated by Jetpack. You can take a look at it here:

Jetpack Annual Report for

I’m sure I have too many categories for most of them to be useful, and the same is true for my tags, so I’m removing many of them. My tag cloud is more useful now, I hope.

Yeah, there’s a few clear winners for tags…
Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.25.09 PM
This feels less scattered somehow.


I spotted some mistakenly created tags as well as some broken posts that still are based on an older address for this blog, so this process is already worth the time spent. I’m not “done”, as this is an ongoing process, but I have a better idea how I’m going to keep tags and categories somewhat manageable. I’ll be a bit less liberal with tags and less likely to create one if it’ll be used rarely on the site.

Today was some work, alright, but I think it’ll pay off in a less random structuring of content. We’ll see.

This post is part of a workshop I’m participating in, and is my response to the day #5 assignment, over at the Desk community site.

10 Days to a Better Blog — Day #5