So, what’s coming up in 2015? The question that is nearly as daunting as a blank screen. Let’s see what are a couple blogging goals.

These are a few of the measurable goals I’ll work to attain:

  • At least 1 post per week (daily would be ideal!) – That would be more than I did in 2014 by quite a bit.
  • Leave a substantial comment on at least 3 separate blogs per week. Also, make a post about it, if  possible.
  • 1 game review per month (February will be the first!) – This also has a side effect of getting some of the backlog of games cleared.

I almost want to add more goals, but I do want to be realistic here. The above are things I know I can do that would be more than in previous years. Forcing myself to be more focused and regular about it is what I’m making myself more accountable for.


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