I like it because it is real

I_Can't_Understand_What_My_Husband_Is_SayingThat’s from my friend Carissa, in her review of episode 10 of  I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is SayingThat sums up, pretty well, why I like this show as well. There’s just something about how these characters feel “real”. Neither Kaoru nor her husband Hajime seem to be free from quirks or emotional hangups, but, somehow, they still have managed to remain happily married.

Both have insecurities as well, with the most recent episode digging a bit into one that I’m sure is common: worries about infidelity.  It’s not, however, presented in a cheesy or overly romantic way. Just a bit of introspection done by both, who take seriously their feelings about their side of the situation, and how it relates to their love for their respective partner. Seems like they’re both “doing it right”, so far.

The episodes are short, so getting caught up takes a short amount of time, so I recommend this series for those with a bit of a romantic side who are pressed for time to watch. It’s available currently for streaming at Crunchyroll.

Source: Anime Girl in Glasses: I Can’t Understand what My Husband is Saying: 2nd Thread Episode 10 Review

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