Let’s dance to Joy Division,
And celebrate the irony,
Everything is going wrong,
But we’re so happy

I blame T for putting that song by The Wombats in my head. Please forgive me for spreading the earworm.

Anyways, it’s another Friday, and an appropriately gloomy one for Fall. The Dodgers got themselves eliminated in postseason play yesterday against the Mets, of all teams.

Today, I plan to drop off my laptop at a FedEx location to ship for RMA since it seems to have a faulty video card. This is causing system shutdowns and can’t be tolerated. Thank goodness it’s still under warranty.

Been playing a good chunk of Ori and The Blind Forest. It’s a must-play for those who love Metroid-style games. Plenty of exploration and tricky jumping-while-fighting-off-enemies and pretty awesome graphics are featured.

"Ori Kuro" by lanfanarts - http://fav.me/d8w1j7w
Kuro. This owl does not like Ori. At all.
“Ori Kuro” by lanfanarts – http://fav.me/d8w1j7w

I kind of want to see some speed runs of this game after I finish it. This game made my thumbs sweat. I totally recommend a play-through. Anyone want to share their death count? I just want to know how high mine might be at the end and I’m not that good at staying alive.

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