Well, well… It’s Thanksgiving again. I’ve yet to be away from home this time of year, so the routine begins again. Hopefully, I don’t read as ungrateful because, for me, being grateful has been something I’ve made a personal habit of fairly recently.

It’s been roughly a month since my morning routine has begun with more than exercising my phone’s multiple alarm clocks as I begrudgingly climbed out of sleep. For me, inspired by a post I came across somewhere that escapes me at the moment, I’ve made a direct effort to list out a few thinks I’m grateful for. I’ve done it almost every morning since mid-October. Today, I actually am sure that I’ve shared that task with many more people.

Just think about doing that if you haven’t been. If you think gratitude should be a daily thing, make it happen. Have a great day, even if you don’t celebrate anything today.

Thanks for reading.

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