That’s my word for 2016. I just realized it within the past couple weeks. The only way some long term goals, like fitness and learning a new language (Japanese, in my case) are going to stick, is if they become integrated in my everyday routine.

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.  –Brian Tracy
they certainly have lots of practice!

I’m lucky to have pretty good resources to motivate myself, make myself accountable(but, I’ll enlist friends and family as we’ll), and to track progress, so I’m optimistic, and realistic.

I’m even continuing on a 2015 goal with writing. Inspired by a few bloggers over the years, 2016’s going to be the year I write something every day. It’s already starting to feel less chore-like, and more a routine.

Resources & Tools:

  • Momentum (Mac & iOS) – easy tracking of habit and gentle reminders.
  • Daily Post at – writing prompts, just in case I can’t come up with a topic.
  • Rosetta Stone (Web & Mac/Windows/Mobile) – Very good learning program.
  • Free Japanese Lessons – even more lessons, to broaden my coverage. Basic lessons are free, which is great for now, but a very low lifetime fee for more advanced lessons is good.

I’m sure there’s more tools I could use. Let me know what works for you.

based on my response to this post over at Medium

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