4901615250_787da212d6It’s kind of a tough one, but the things I eat could really use a change. I know this every time I slip on some not-so-old clothes and they’re super snug, or, worse, don’t fit any more.

It’s not even the expense and trouble of finding good alternatives that also happen to taste good, but that, often, it requires a serious time commitment to get things solidly rolling. I’ve seen others work on this by pre-packaging some of their meals in advance, and that seems like an efficient option, but, I must confess, I’m without a plan. Any help in this area is much appreciated.

Feel free to share if you have something you’ve been putting off as well.

What do you know that you need to change, but are afraid or unwilling to make the first step?

Today’s prompt is from the Written with Desk community on G+:

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