Funds permitting, the one luxury item I'd love to purchase is a car. It's not just any car, however. It's an electric car, but, even that's not so extraordinary. I'd prefer to buy a Tesla Model S.

It's a car that starts at $75,000. That's nearly 5 times the cost of my current car, which I've had for about 13 years.

It's still pretty much a dream car at this point, mostly due to performance and fueling costs, and also because the car itself is fairly high-tech in its amenities. The main stumbling blocks right now are not only the high purchase cost, but some of the lifestyle changes needed, such as an outlet needing to be installed at home, which I don't have the authority to undertake. That's the major one, as I'm lucky enough to live in the western state of California, so charging away from home, to the places I would drive to, isn't a problem.

Home-charging would cover the range of local destinations.

Having a car that not many have yet would be kind of neat, but mostly I really want to reduce use of gasoline (and have that extra money that such a reduction entails).

I also have read that it's got quite a bit of get-up-and-go too, which is a nice bonus as well.

Keeping up with the Jones’

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.


That first day on the support queue. Hundreds of messages were in it. It seemed like it scrolled forever.

I felt like a tiny fish in a tank of sharks. Luckily, I was not completely without aid, as the support veterans were not far away, virtually and physically, and I slowly gleaned wisdom from them, even as I took notes and learned not only how our hosting system works, but filled in gaps in my knowledge of how the web works.

I could bounce a question (or 2, or 10…) off a grizzled tech, or a lead, and usually, they let me know what’s up, or, better, how I could proceed towards a solution or unlock tge needed knowledge. I definitely worked with some wizards (and still do!)

Nearly 9 years later, I don’t see that queue so often these days, but I do still learn things, even as I work to improve the support the company provides. I was warned, even though the job felt like a dream job, the pitfall of cynicism was tricky to avoid.

I think I’ve avoided becoming jaded pretty well. I think that has been made easier by seeing pretty regular successes, even with the missteps that can happen to any growing company.

This is the longest I’ve been with any company. I’m glad it’s worked out and look forward to each day because of getting through those initial months when it was “sink or swim.”

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Sink or Swim

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Perhaps it was an app ahead of its time. Its vision involved taking on one of the big social networks, by allowing users to control and retain direct ownership of their content, while also hosting a community around the sharing of that content. I’m not naming the app out of fondness for it.

For whatever reason, it never gained enough traction to justify the expense of its continued existence. Thus, its backend was shut down, and its development ceased. The life of many apps do go down that path sometimes.

The app’s original version was fairly basic, but perhaps a little too ambitious to take on an encumber the in its chosen niche. Some of the community has remained loyal to the vision, if not to the developer themself.

I still see myself as a bit of a lurker when it comes to most of the online communities I choose to follow, and, despite things not working out, for that app, I still follow its developer, and that’s paid off a bit. The developer kept working on new ideas, and has even had an award-winning app following the failed one.

Persistence, when seen in action like this, is very inspiring. It must have been more difficult towards the end of the failed project for the developer to focus on working on the app, knowing that downloads had plateaued(it was free to use, but also had paid extras. The sad, but understandable decision was made, based on performance of the app’s sales, and its popularity waning, to put it out of its misery.

This seemed to be a case where the unpopular choice didn’t work out, but I’d hardly say it was wrong. I had made the choice to watch the developer, in order to catch when their newest project was nearing completion as well, since they’re very good at transparently communicating about their own development process. I’m really looking forward to a new set of characters and community growing up around “whatever’s next”. The latest project seem promising, and it’ also due to it going after an area of usefulness that many similar apps have fallen short of capturing.

We’ll see. 🙂


That’s my word for 2016. I just realized it within the past couple weeks. The only way some long term goals, like fitness and learning a new language (Japanese, in my case) are going to stick, is if they become integrated in my everyday routine.

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.  –Brian Tracy
they certainly have lots of practice!

I’m lucky to have pretty good resources to motivate myself, make myself accountable(but, I’ll enlist friends and family as we’ll), and to track progress, so I’m optimistic, and realistic. Continue reading


Sometime during the past year, I tried to quit caffeine. I did pretty well for a few months, and, as a result, felt pretty good, and even slept better.

I slowly, however let it back in. That’s a bummer, for sure.

Falling of that wagon has been a bit rough, but I’m working on it again. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of decaf tea, although I’d really like there to be more decaf coffee at work – I dig the flavor of coffee. Luckily, I don’t have an allergy to citrus, so quite a few alternative beverages are still open to me, when plain water won’t do.

This will be the year of better health, for good.

Happy Endings

Back when I was a teenager, I had no chance keeping up with the latest fashions of my peers. There was no financial means to. It was far less expensive to wear clothes that looked like they were decades old instead of new, and not in the “what’s-old-is-new” cyclical style of the times.

Until I could really afford to get closer in sync by choosing, and paying for, many pieces of my own clothes, did I finally shake that feeling of not doing the best to be presentable. Some of that stuff, I truly don’t think even came around again to being a thing again, like corduroys, except in very careful combinations.

The combinations never appealed to me, so why should I expect it to attract positive attention from those I wished to attract. The funny thing is, it wasn’t so much that they were particularly loud. There was no clashing colors or flooding pants, or out-of-place loafers. It was the blandness of it all. I felt like I wore an invisibility suit during high school. Only those who shared my geeky interests, those similarly cloaked, my small group of fellow geeks, ever noticed me or were friendly. I suppose I was luckier than I felt at the time.

I’m not ungrateful, despite the above. I still struggle a bit with that feeling of never being quite sure about my look each day, but I am able to mitigate it a bit by, partly, leaving the recommendation decisions in the hands of somebody with a bit more creativity in that area than myself. Only in wild dreams did I think a stylist would be something I’d use, but there has been results, better than my own failed attempts. Yeah, a balanced wardrobe isn’t 99% t-shirts. I was so disappointed, until I got compliments instead of silence.

Fashion’s still a puzzle to me, but I’m more hopeful now that I don’t feel so invisible these days. I can also be a bit more focused on making intellectual connections, with a bit of the ice broken. I’m far less worried about it all now, decades later.

Was this a bit of a ramble? I’m sure it’s a bit shallow.

New Sensation

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I am under the warm comforter of my bed. My amazingly thin laptop accepts the words coming out of my mind. I think about the day so far, where the first Zeldathon of the ends with over $250 thousand going to charity. I look forward to spending tomorrow with some fellow Star Wars and Disney fans, watching The Force Awakens for the sixth time and my first Disneyland visit of 2016.

There’s clean laundry to hang and fold.

I’m definitely a fan of the Magicians now and I can’t wait to see what a live action TV interpretation will bring.

Write Here, Write Now

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I was, as of 12am Pacific Time, sitting downstairs at home, scrolling through Facebook posts of friends and family, liking and commenting on ones that my attention (i.e. ones the FB algorithm deemed worthy. After having been to various events over the years on New Years, from camping at the Rose Parade route, to midnight at Disneyland, I feel like I was at the place of my own choosing this time.

I might do something different at the end of this year, but that depends a bit on if there’s anyone I know doing something I can join in on (and am welcome to do.

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

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