Hmm. What’s this curious object I hold in my hand? It’s roughly double the length of one of my fingers, and a bit thinner as well, tapering to almost a point at one end, and with a clip-type thingie on the other. It almost looks like two cylinders-I think that’s the word for them-with one sitting inside the other.

As I push the clip between my thumb and index fingers, I notice the “top” (just a guess since it’s got the clip on it) section rotates, and, what’s this? There’s something slowly emerging from the more “pointy” end. A tiny, more pointing thing! It’s rounded on the end and not at all sharp-looking. There seems to be something on it. I touch it with a fingertip. It leaves a mark! Interesting. What if I move the “tip” across a napkin I have handy? The tip leaves a rough line.

This can be fun. Maybe I can make a set of lines and shapes, some sort of art of some kind. I try this. It’s not going so well, as I’m not much of an artist. Perhaps there’s some other use for this that I’m better at. Well, I know some letters, maybe it’s good for that.

Prompt: IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

2 thoughts on “The Be a Baby Challenge

    • It was the first thing I thought of. I imagine that, before much longer, actual, mechanical pens will become a novelty, heirlooms perhaps, the way fountain pens have been for as long as I’ve known of them.

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