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Yesterday was interesting. I think that’s the word I’ll use. I’ve been using the WordPress software to power this little blog of mine, and it’s been hosted on a set of VPSes at the company I work for. That’s not unusual since free hosting is a perk of working for a hosting company. I believe, however, that it may not have initially have migrated properly over, and that’s finally started to manifest itself recently.

The problem’s very technical and pretty obscure. It literally does not appear to be a flaw in WordPress, but likely a configuration issue that stemmed from the incomplete(?) migration from a regular shared server, and it only affects my use of the blog (as far as I know). So, after trying literally all the usual troubleshooting steps, it’s come to the “hit the reset button” step of downgrading back to shared and then retrying a migration to another VPS set. The migration process has improved over the years, so I hope this will be a minor blip in this blog’s lifetime.

It’s been a good learning experience and the performance underlying this seems solid to me. We’ll see how it turns out, hopefully in a couple days, when I make a test post or even a new draft.

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