Something silly, but slightly romantic follows.

Due to reasons, I suddenly have a memory pop into my head of a movie from more than a few years ago. I do not recall the actual movie itself, or even what the main plot was, but I remember this one simple concept from it.

Every now and again, when the main protagonist was doing something important, this couple, a man and woman, would appear in the background, and gain focus, and the only thing they’d do is say each other’s names in that whimsical voice that people falling for each other seem to develop.
I can remember only that. Not the names they said, or anything else about the movie. I do not like this because I want to know the reference because I want to watch whatever movie it is. I can’t do an internet search with such a vague concept, so that brings me to the point of this post.

My dear friends and family, do you know this movie of which I speak? Please comment on this post of you do. I’d be eternally grateful.

A Hopeless Romantic

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