If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that the week’s been a long stretch of work, with the fun stuff packed into the weekend. I’d also let you know that the coming week looks like a bit more of the same, but the weekend is a bit longer this time.

Today, I am looking forward to spending another solid piece of time with my main squeeze. Celebrating the anniversary of a Doctor Who club we’re both members of, followed by as more traditional date is definitely something I’ve been looking forward to all week long.

We’ll be seeing Hidden Figures, a very very relevant film. I’m gearing good buzz about it, and I think I may have heard part of the story on a podcast not-so-long ago.


The movie was very good. Historical films can sometimes be disappointing, but this one, about some very important ladies, who were vital in NASA’s first manned orbital mission, turned out pretty well. Spent Sunday celebrating a friend’s birthday at another friend’s home. Saw Pacific Rim for the first time and Die Hard (again-it was a Christmas-themed party.) A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all and I had to say good-nite too soon to my favorite person. Until next time.

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