It’s another Friday, and that means it’s time to recap another crazy week.

This recap will include two weeks, but it probably won’t be super long since most exciting things happened on the weekends.

Let’s see. It’s been a couple of weeks. It was super raining in these parts a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad that’s let up quite a bit. The following week saw an indoor Saberguild practice in a gym again. That was fun.

The end of the month Dr. Who meetup also got together for a pub quiz night, and I got the lowest score on the holiday episode quiz. I will do better next time!

The Magicians next season has begun, and it’s even more fun. This time they are in Filory, and finding out it isn’t exactly like the books Q loves.

I got my loot gaming crate, and it was awesome (and for science!)

The POTUS kept another of his really un-American campaign promises, and a lot of people were affected and angry. It’s a bad trend. There’s one of the reasons he has the lowest approval rating any president has had at the beginning of his term.

The Super Bowl is coming up, and I’m actually going to a party for it. I don’t really have a team in it (or the NFL, for that matter, at this point), but it’s a deep-fry party, so that’s a welcome perk. Until next time!


Photo by Nathan Shively

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