Mics make me nervous – Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen

Being nervous. That’s something I know about. It happens basically any time I’ll be in the presence of any person who I value or care for. It also sometimes happens when around complete strangers, especially when I’m unexpectedly put on the spot.

I think that’s normal. I also think it’s normal to feel nervous when she is about to arrive. This is even after longing for the moment to arrive very badly because the nervousness vanishes nearly instantly these days.

Even when I think I’m calm and relaxed, sometimes my body will give away subconscious clues. The bouncing leg, the cold sweat, or any other manner of fidgeting are things I sometimes need to be more mindful of.

I’m aware of exercises or meditative tools for dealing with this, but I usually just try to breathe and speak slowly in order to fight it. It works pretty well, most of the time. I don’t think I’ve ever panicked, but perhaps I’ve been rescued and didn’t know it. Who knows?

How about you, dear readers. What makes you nervous? Let me know.

Prompted by: Nervous | The Daily Post

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