#AtoZChallenge – Afford

As I write this, I’m coming off a great weekend. One of the local comic conventions had its annual visit, and I even had a very enthusiastic companion along for great company.

I am glad this convention is still one of the great value decisions for attendees, with a fairly affordable price, even for all 3 of its current span of days. This is even with the convention being a stone’s throw from a well-known premium family theme park.

One of the neat things is that I’m really starting to see some of the artists as more familiar and actually look forward to visiting with some of them to see their new work. When I first started attending conventions, I had trouble really focusing due to the sheer numbers even a modestly sized convention can have. San Diego is still colossal, when I’m able to go, but 4 days makes it somewhat manageable (although the huge number of attendees makes the outside events and attractions more attractive. At any rate, I’ve got a long-awaited convention coming up and a bit more involved plans for that soon. I would not call the upcoming trip affordable, unless one is able to save for nearly a year, a bit at a time, but it’s also a bit of a vacation as well, so it’s not just a convention trip. That’s how I look at the reasonably high cost. It’s worth it though, for the sheer fun factor.

I’m participating in the A-to-Z Challenge! Today’s letter is A. You can find out more about it here:

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