I got a Time Capsule this evening after work at the local Apple Store. It was fairly easy to setup, despite my curve-ball-throwing self using it to extend my existing network. I had to remember to set me existing Extreme base station to allow extending, but once I did that, I got a green light from the capsule. After a few weeks of using the laptop on my lap for raiding, I can finally allow things to cool off…

It’s also kinda nice that I may actually get to get back on XBox Live after a few weeks away.

Mounts and small pets will take no bag space in Wrath:

As one commenter says, it’s “Christmas in July!” I will have so much bag and bank space freed up due to this. I was a bit excited about WoTLK before, but now I’m starting to _really_ want my beta invite…

This should make collectors very happy: collect all you can now, and they won’t take any space whatsoever once you learn them.

via WOW Insider

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Blizzard introduces Diablo 3 – Joystiq

That’s all well and good (very, very good…), but you might want to see some screenshots or even some video.

…and for a short time, it all stopped.All fanboys-alike gave up on flame wars and hugged each other.They all watched as Blizzard announced Diablo 3 and tried to make the best out of their one-day-truce.

-commenter “Jakka”

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A post begun long ago is finally finished!

Five Books Every Geek Should Read

I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t experienced 2 1 of the books on the list Wil posted on SG. The comments are great on his post because many books I like and might even check out are there. This is an example of a good blog post that I want to keep handy for times when I run out of things to read (I read series and come to the end…)