I’ve been working hard (also known as hardly working) for the past couple of months at my new job. For the 2 people reading this, you know what I do and where, but for the rest, I’ll say this not-so-vague thing that still doesn’t just put it all out there: I work in tech support (no, I will not fix your computer…). Yeah, it never feels exciting when I just say it, but I feel almost like I’ve hit a jackpot. What am I saying? I’ve hit a jackpot in Vegas before and let me tell you…$80 worth of quarters dropping sure is mighty fun…I did the “yeah….it’s me…” head nod for a while…

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Just when I thought I’d have to resort to desperate measures, I’ve lucked up and landed a great opportunity at a new job. With the new job comes a new host for this weblog and I’m very glad the two events are actually related. Now, I’m fairly confident I’ll actually be able to put some serious attention into this little writing space of mine.

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David Nelson over at WoW Insider asks us the question, do we think of World of Warcraft as a game like console or computer games or as a hobby, such as (please don’t groan…) golf? While I don’t golf, I do play games other than WoW, like console games. If there’s ever an extended downtime on my realm, I will sometimes turn on one of my old consoles, such as my Playstation, Gamecube, or XBox, and try and make some progress in one of the games there. I’ve got a few console games I haven’t finished for whatever reason and I get an itch sometimes to pick them up.

I’ve got to say I think of WoW as a serious hobby. With the time and money I’ve spent on WoW and will spend, eventually, it’s going to approach, or pass, the amount I spent on console gaming. The only other game I’ve spent a huge amount of time on previously for such a long period was Diablo II (yeah, Blizzard has pwned me good…)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Chrono Cross is calling.

Breakfast Topic: Game or Hobby? – WOW Insider

ryanHello, and welcome to the new home of my somewhat sporadic posts and muses. My previous blog version live on another web host, which decided to cancel my plan (without warning) and thus I’m here now. While I like to do things myself and customize my site, I think my time constraints are at a point where I can’t do the entire site management thing myself currently. That may change in the future, but I’d rather try to keep this simple for now. That way, I keep making regular posts.