Sometimes, I think my phone’s brightness is too bright. It’s often that I find myself fiddling with the brightness, especially in a dark environment, such as outdoors at night.

It’s a little tricky to get it right when indoors as well, and I’m hoping I can find the right setting that automatically adjusts to a comfortable setting no matter where I’m at. I’ll keep tweaking it until I hit the sweet spot.

One Word Wednesday: Bright

There’s somebody in my life that I feel could use more of my time. I say this, a bit selfishly, as I’d like to have a little more of her time as well. Life just doesn’t seem to want to make that easy, by throwing up some pretty serious hurdles, such as a 45 minute drive for a visit, or a work schedule (hers) that has big time commitment and difficulty with being in any way spontaneous. At this point, I’m seriously considering using vacation days just to hang out more often. If I’m going to, though, I want to plan some really fun stuff for us to do. Ideas are most appreciated here, and keep in mind that we’re both fairly geeky and don’t usually go for the traditional stuff.

Now, it’s your turn to think about things a bit. 🙂

eBay listing, November 4, 2214:


Vintage Laptop Hard Disk 500GB


That’s the likely listing heading, when it goes up for sale online for lovers of old techknowldgy in 2214. What the buyer will find on it, will likely be of interest to a historian of culture and technology. There’s a few things that might stand out from the mundane data that most disks contain. Examples:


  • A folder for an old massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft, which was released 210 years ago and was very successful for its era.
  • transcripts from text-based chat software. A relic of pre-telepathic communications.
  • A relatively small Music folder. Unsurprising, as the era of storing personal media files locally was on the decline with increasing cloud-based storage gaining popularity.
  • The remaining used space (the drive is 75% full) is taken up by the other application software, mostly prouctivity and software development applications, and a few otheer notable games such as the sandbox of Minecraft, and even the first popular game library managers (Steam, and
  • Last, but not least is the operating system itself (Mac OS X, a flavor of the ancient UNIX family of software which was popular with not just academics, but this one had many creatives using it as well).

This drive is in surprisingly good condition, considering drives of its kind had a useful operating lifetime of roughly 10-20 years, depending on usage and environment. This one sems to have seen light usage before being taken out, likely to use a much higher capacity drive, or even one with no moving parts. The drive was only powered on after being recovered from a “time capsule” to check its usability and contents. A real collector’s item, but there’s still no reserve because it’s value speaks for itself. Thanks for checking this listing out!



I’m participating in Blogging 101. Here’s today’s prompt:

Favorite Never Been To Place

Currently, the place I like most that I’ve never visited would have to be the city of New York. It’s at the top because of how iconic it is and also because of how different it’s “character” is from the major cities I’ve visited so far. I’m fortunate enough as well to have met at least one person whom I would like to visit, once I put a trip together, but I also wouldn’t mind a tourist-type of visit, because there’s quite a bit of culture to take in.


I’m curious to know what others choose. Please, let me know.


prompted by:

You are presented with two career choices:

Deck Hand :

a worker on a ship who does work that does not require special training

To be sure, if I was ever found working on a ship, this would likely be my role. I definitely do not have any specialized nautical skills now, so manual labor would be what I’d do. This is an easy choice since I would quickly become bored, even with the occasional excitement of rough seas to throw a bump in the monotony of cleaning and moving equipment around. A pro would be the travel aspect. It would be fun to visit exotic ports, even if briefly. Getting a taste of multiple cultures directly is hard to beat.

Librarian :

a specialist in the care or management of a library

I like to read. Right now, it’s mostly fiction, but if I were a librarian, I think I’d expand that reading to non-fiction as well. I hear that some historical non-fiction is pretty compelling sometimes. The rise and fall of ancient empires, biographies, and even more magazines that I’m not sure I’d subscribe to (but might like to try), to name some of the stuff I’d read, even as I’d help keep things in order in the shelves.

If you are forced to spend the rest of your life as either a deck hand on a ship or as a librarian at a prestigious university, which would you choose and why (if neither, I want to know as well)?

Based on writingprompts on tumblr

When I was still in grade school, I used to watch this man’s show and hope to some day be in his dog pound. Soon, he’ll be back on the air and I’ll really get chances to be. Who’s feeling me on this. Let’s do this! 🙂 It’s Arsenioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hall!!!

Hammer (MCHammer) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Yeah, yeah…..I know. It might be an assistant making sure to follow people who are following Hammer, but still; it’s MC Hammer! I don’t feel any more important, but it does feel kinda neat to know that Hammer might see my updates.

And….the normal amount of creepy…

I was just thinking that if I had to list out things I would like to learn, it might look like the following. In no particular order, here are…

10 things I’d like to learn

1. To pilot a real airplane
2. To play guitar
3. To play piano
4. Japanese
5. Chinese
6. (Fluent) Perl
7. To draw
8. Sign language
9. Who’s a great match for me
10. If Earth is being visited…and by whom…