This is the story of a very fun week, told with pictures. I do hope my humble photography skills will be forgiven.

Video Games Live

This took place at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. After a tour and meet-and-greet with co-founder and gaming music legend Tommy Tallarico, the audience and I were treated to glorious ear and eye-candy, in the form of video game arrangements, and visuals. It was in the backyard of Blizzard, so special guest conductors came in to conduct some of their (and other’s, in the case of Skyrim) pieces.


San Diego Comic Con 2013

The San Diego Convention center was the place to be this past weekend. A _lot_ of people were there. Day 1 saw a kind of relaxed warmup after badge pickup. Day 2 was a bit panel(and line)-heavy. Day 3 was mostly prep for the masquerade, so there’s fewer photos from that day. Day 4 was pretty relaxing and 1 lap of the exhibit hall was completed. I can say I’ve “experienced” a lot of the actual con this time around.