I certainly wouldn’t be the first, nor the best to write this post, but I think I’ve got a solid basis to, so I’ll tackle it. Keep in mind I’m not saying there’s a set order you should explore anime, or that some are more difficult to follow than others, just trying to make the ride, initially, as free from jarring changes as possible.

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Doing a bit of questing on my alt tonight. About to turn in a quest and took a bit of a detour (on a whim) to see if I could spot a very rare creature. Looks like the hunter luck was with me tonight…


Information on this fine beast at WoWhead

Since the realms are currently down due to some mailbox issues (I have immense sympathy for the Blizzard IT guys…), I thought I’d begin making a list of things to do when you’re in the game, but otherwise can’t be doing the things you usually do in the game (quest, level professions, gather mats, etc.) due to the crush of players that are going to hit Northrend and the Death Knight starting areas. This list will probably grow over time since there’s at least one maintenance period a week in WoW. Here goes…

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