If we were having coffee together…

I’d tell you that it’s another Saturday morning! I’ve made it again. Now that I’ve also obtained some coffee, my mind is focusing again. It’s, unfortunately, something I’m not going to put down here, so let’s see what’s in the memory banks.

America’s still crazy, but resistance also continues.

We saw Ip Man 3 last night (at last!) It was splendid, although I will say that perhaps life can sometimes be cruel to people that love each other. It should not take a terminal illness to remind a husband about not taking his wife for granted, even while he’s fighting for a noble cause.

Arriving yesterday as well was, what I believe is one of my last print magazine subscriptions – Mac|Life. I’ve been a sub since it was MacAddict, but since an electronic subscription is a way to declutter my physical space, I’ve started that up.

The frames survey for my next pair of glasses, by Vue, has arrived, and I sent in my choice for the frame(non-trendy black) and lens type (photochromatic transition, which I currently have and like). Once I get the HIPAA-compliant prescription request, I’ll schedule an optometry appointment. The timing is pretty good on this since it means I’ll get some time to get used to them before the outdoor season begins again.

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Photo by Mark Daynes

It’s been another relatively quiet week. At work, I am working with January data after finishing December.

I can’t say that I was too busy to post over the weekend, although I did have a rather late night Saturday. That pushed the weekly Coffee Share post to Monday. I used to have lazy weekends. This is a good thing to miss.

Monday was also the observance of Martin Luther King Jr., which I also observed. Today’s the inauguration of a person who could start dismantling some of the progress made since even before Dr. King’s time. That makes the timing very relevant.

On Tuesday, I observed my talent for relying on calendaring to keep my brain free to accept lots of invites, worry-free.

My annual intention to get in better shape appeared on Wednesday. I want it to become a habit this year. I’m not getting any younger, after all.

After work, yesterday, I took in some excellent jazz performance with my girlfriend. It was a highlight of this week, with the drummer being the MVP for sure. We’re both looking forward to taking in more cultural events like this.

Today’s dusk, by me


That brings this ride to a close for now. America has a new Commander-in-Chief (and more protests to that fact.) The weather is very rainy here, and I’m going to a 35th-anniversary screening of the classic film, TRON, tonight.

Tomorrow, I am taking in a play and spending time with good friends again in the evening. It’ll be another fun weekend.


Featured Photo by Emilia Syldatk

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another week in review. It’s also the 13th of January, one of the Friday the 13ths. That means that some of my friends are getting a new tattoo today.

My weeks don’t usually begin on Saturdays, but sine this thing happens on Friday, I suppose I’ll include the previous Saturday. This previous weekend began on a scary note. Apparently, I was slightly dehydrated at the beginning of an adventure-filled date and almost passed out. It was not a good look for me, but my lady is a rock, and took care of me, for which I am eternally grateful.

After seeing Moana (excellent!), we wrapped up the night with a visit to the very enchanting Descanso Gardens. That’s definitely a location I’d like to explore some more.

Sunday was a needed day of rest.

Photo credit: Cel Lisboa

Caught a bad case of the Mondays (and a cold, apparently) but I carefully fought it off during the early part of the week. Staying hydrated helped out there a lot.

Monday was the weekly Saberguild practice, and due to a forecast of rain, we relocated for the evening to a gym that a member works at. It was nice to be indoors, in a warm place, for once, although I was more glad because it’s easier to fight a head cold in a warm place.

Awesome Games Done Quick also kicked off on Sunday, and I’m catching parts of it live during the week, when I can. I’d mentioned it on Monday since I wasn’t sure if any friends shared such quirky interests. Now, I know that at least one would like to watch some of the gaming action with me. Hopefully, that’ll happen soon after the on-demand videos become available. I held off on watching some speedruns since they tend to be good the first time.

Photo credit: Lewis Ngugi

Work was fairly quiet, but after, in the hours before bedtime, I managed to squeeze in daily commits to the FreeCodeCamp challenges I’ve been working through for #100DaysOfCode. As of today, Ive completed 8 out of 100 days. It still feels like the beginning, but it’s less of a chore. That feeling when the tests all pass is kind of addicting.

Well, that’s it for this week’s recap. How’s your week been? Looking forward to anything fun this weekend?

If we were having coffee…

I’d realize that my weekly recap post should maybe be made on Saturdays. I’m still thinking about that. I just would need to find something else I could do every Friday, consistently.

I’d also let you know that I’m finally getting around to seeing Moana this afternoon. I’ve heard, from so many friends, that it’s splendid. I’m sure they’re all as young at heart as I am, so we’ll see.

I’ve started multiple relatively intense challenges, such as one for coding, and one to post every single day in 2017. Today marks 7 days in so far and is part of a bit of a longer streak I began in December. The latter I’m hoping will snowball into a permanent habit. So far, the streak is unbroken for a couple weeks. Whether these posts will be worthy of reading is another matter entirely, but I’ll work on that as well.

To that end as well, I do intend to try not to put out super short posts, except on Mondays. I’ve reserved that day specifically for “microblogging”. It’s pretty tough to spew out the recommended 500 words sometimes, though, so I know I’ll slip up from time to time.

I’m learning what it’s like, what it’s really like to be in a serious relationship. I mean that I’d heard stories and even consumed some romantic content, in various forms over the years, but I used to think, cynically, that a lot of the “mushy stuff” was artificial, and a bit contrived. Over the years, and especially recently, I’m seeing that some traits that are not, and all it takes to fall into the habits that couples get into is to find somebody you really “click” with.

As an example, sometimes, I’ll have a crazy thought slip into my mind, and, just before I’m able to vocalize it, my significant other will ask about it. I’m trying not to over think this, however, and just going with it seems fine, if not a bit scary sometimes. I just thought I’d share some of that thought process here as well.

It’s another gray, somewhat rainy morning, but I’m still looking forward to going out today. I’ll be very careful to take care of the tickle in my throat. I also plan to stay well hydrated since it generally also helps with my well-being in general. I’ve got a large umbrella handy and also a very solid coat. It’s going to be a very fun day, and evening, full of snuggles and some warm beverages. I do hope that, for whoever is reading this, that your weekend is also a cozy one (for northern hemisphere folks) or, at least bearable, while in the company of loved ones.

Before I forget, Happy New Year!

This is it. It’s the first week of 2017, and I’ve gone and made an intention. I’ll write a weekly wrap-up post every week. Here is the first one.

To start the year off epicly, I attended a wedding. It was the first one where the bride and groom aren’t related to me by blood. The vows were uttered shortly after midnight, making it one of the earliest of the new year.

Jonelle + David = #jovid2017

16 Newlywed Couples Who Started The New Year Off With A Bang (that’s #13 above!)
I also continued an earlier intention of posting every day as well as specifically on my site every Monday, and it’s still feeling like a reasonable thing. My first of many busy weekends is coming up, though. I wonder how hard it’s going to be to keep these streaks going.

Sometimes, two reminders are better than one!


Since I can’t quite tell what my side project workload should be, I also began a coding challenge. I simply got an itch that I wanted to scratch there and forcing myself to scratch it seemed like the right thing to do. If you want to make a weekly something, then check out this post for inspiration:

The 52-Week Writing Challenge

Alright, now it’s your turn. Comment or post(and pingback!) How did your week go?

Microblog_MondaysHere’s a resolution that I know I can keep. I resolve to write more consistently in the coming year. That way, I’ll become a habit that will just be a routine part of the day, and not a chore. I’m writing for fun, after all.

I figure that a little structured fun isn’t too hard, which is why I am lucky to have found that there’s a regular prompt for Mondays available. See you next Monday at the latest!
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