It’s been another relatively quiet week. At work, I am working with January data after finishing December.

I can’t say that I was too busy to post over the weekend, although I did have a rather late night Saturday. That pushed the weekly Coffee Share post to Monday. I used to have lazy weekends. This is a good thing to miss.

Monday was also the observance of Martin Luther King Jr., which I also observed. Today’s the inauguration of a person who could start dismantling some of the progress made since even before Dr. King’s time. That makes the timing very relevant.

On Tuesday, I observed my talent for relying on calendaring to keep my brain free to accept lots of invites, worry-free.

My annual intention to get in better shape appeared on Wednesday. I want it to become a habit this year. I’m not getting any younger, after all.

After work, yesterday, I took in some excellent jazz performance with my girlfriend. It was a highlight of this week, with the drummer being the MVP for sure. We’re both looking forward to taking in more cultural events like this.

Today’s dusk, by me


That brings this ride to a close for now. America has a new Commander-in-Chief (and more protests to that fact.) The weather is very rainy here, and I’m going to a 35th-anniversary screening of the classic film, TRON, tonight.

Tomorrow, I am taking in a play and spending time with good friends again in the evening. It’ll be another fun weekend.


Featured Photo by Emilia Syldatk

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