This will be the year that I will end with a shorter, not longer, backlog of things to do. That’s really been my problem in recent years is that the things I’m able to do increased, but not the time to do them in. Time management is probably my biggest challenge, but I’ve got the tools at my disposal and am getting better at it, so less overlapping things will occur (I hope.)

That means I’ll be getting caught up in more of the reading, writing, learning, and playing of things. Getting more things done is what’s going to be different. I’m already doing good, I think, with 1/365 daily posts done.

Basically, I want to reuse the resolutions I made a year ago as well. I’ve pretty much lived all of 2014 with those in mind.

How about you, dear reader? What is going to make this year different than every year before?

via Daily Post – 1.1.2015 – Daily Writing – Desk Community.

4 thoughts on “Going to be a good year

  1. The difference? I’ll actually be at home. I travelled putting out fires on and off the last two years, with health interruptions, and lots of crazy stuff going on. That’s behind, Desk is in front of me, and let’s see what happens. Good luck.

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