Reward Yourself
Here’s a good idea.

Sometimes, you need to create your own virtual achievements and rewards. I’m a gaming enthusiast, so I do sometimes think about life from that perspective. That often means that I do things like give myself rewards for completing some necessary tasks, such as paying some bill, or completing an errand.

Yesterday, after I realized that I was able to really make strides in almost all my resolutions for the past year, purchased a game I’ve been wanting for a while. It wasn’t expensive, but has a high entertainment value, which is really why such rewards, even when given to myself, from myself, can be highly motivating.

Now, what should the reward be if I actually finish a game review…?

Do you believe in rewarding yourself? How do you go about doing this? A prompt found at:

Desk Community.

2 thoughts on “Rewards

  1. I totally agree. We should have an achievement system for the little things in life. We have it for the big things, why not the small?

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