I drink and I forget things. Like invitations.

That is totally my motto. That’s why I’m lucky that I’m good with technology that helps augment memory. If I make an appointment, I immediately put it in my calendar, a calendar available wherever I’ve got network access, which is always anywhere that matters.

Wacky things happen when I don’t, like double-(triple)booking and not making a move when a day shows no apparent events, only to later find out that a cool thing I wanted to go do happened that day I was navel-gazing.

Or, that awkward feeling of inviting somebody excitedly to an event you just found out about, only to get a gentle reminder you already are going to something at the same time period with that same person (oops!) I’m lucky that I have understanding friends.

Let this a fair warning to you, friends. If you invite me to something and I am excitedly accepting the invite, remind me to add it to my calendar as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m in serious danger of forgetting, and I do not want to flake-out on something I actually want to be at. I don’t forget my debts, but I do forget my events, after all.

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