This may or may not have come about after a recent weigh-in at home, but I’ve rededicated myself to eating more carefully and have a goal weight for summer

The weight is less worrying than the general feeling of physical blah that’s bugging me. Just wanting to feel better is a reasonable intention. I already have made a habit of walking regularly on work days. I think that I’ll increase that daily goal soon.

To support that intention, I’ve reinstalled UnderArmor’s MyFitnessPal app to use its food-logging feature, which pushes data to and pulls from HealthKit on my phone, making it possible to have portable data. iOS users can get it here:

I’m already using iHydrate to track and remind me about my hydration needs. That’s available here:

Well, there it is. I intend to shed weight. I shall add that the pace of this is slow and steady, so that it is not such a shock to the system. We’ll see how that goes.

honest Abe
Keep me honest. V.T. Polywoda via Compfight

All of this is in addition to the existing intentions for the year and I’m hoping that this helps me to be accountable for all of these goals.

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