Frost. It happens out here too.

It’s another Wednesday. This one is the last of January, so it’s got some importance.

I check the outside temperature: 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s going to be another chilly day in Southern California. I decide that I’ll be layering a bit towards the warm and toasty side. There’s no need to be shivering during my walks.

I wrapped up my self-assessment for work yesterday, so there’s going to be a performance review meeting looming soon. It feels like the years are going by faster, and I think that’s due to things not settling into a dull routine daily grind so much at work.

After work, it’s time for another meeting of the Real Timelords of Orange County, at our favorite pub. This time, it’ll be the return of the pub quiz. I still have some gaps in my Doctor Who knowledge, but the best way I know of to fill it in a bit is to be around these fellow fans.

Pub food. Yum! Photo credit/original: Edward Franklin

I’ll also be seeing one person in particular that I look forward to seeing again every single time we part. Yes, my girlfriend. It’s hard to put into words how awesome that is, how happy I am, and how much like a dream it still feels like, after almost three months. Perhaps it’s still the honeymoon phase, but I can at least start to see further than a few weeks of the future. I hope that this will continue to extend further and further out.

We’re looking forward to the annual Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, just over three weeks away. Soon, I’ll be checking to see which panels I might like to attend during the daytime portions, and even some evening activities as well. I’m slowly increasing my daily step goals, in preparation for the miles of walking that are coming.

February is nearly here! January has been exciting and scary. I’m looking forward to less of the latter in the comings weeks.


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Featured Photo Credit: DG Jones Flickr via Compfight cc

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