Here we are, nearly a week into a new presidency, and I see that there’s news that the Doomsday Clock has been advanced 30 seconds forward. This advancement is due to the statements of a single person, our new President. I don’t come here to dwell on the dark times ahead, only to occasionally vent about it.

On a lighter note, pub trivia was enjoyable last night. It involved a written quiz, mostly dealing with Doctor Who Christmas specials’ trivia. I got 4 out of 20 (the worst). I totally would have done better had I simply re-watched the most recent Christmas special episode. It was good because it wasn’t overtly “Christmas-y.” There was even a superhero who faced a powerful villain. The superhero, I should add, was “accidentally” created by an encounter with The Doctor.

4/20 whoops!

All who participated got beautiful blue pen/stylus combos. Also, since I was rather hungry, the fish and chips were mighty delightful. A friendly lady and her mom were the newest to show up for the meetup as well. Even though I missed who I’ve been missing, it was still a welcome diversion from the larger world. That crept in a bit as we were wrapping up–it’s nearly inevitable with a group of sci-fi and fantasy nerds that something that threatens the foundation of our fandoms (science is under siege currently) would get even a passing mention.

Gallifrey One is nearly here but still feels far away.


Featured photo credit: Matt Quinn

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