I saw this posted on a blog I follow and it feels like the right time to create a listicle post, so here it goes.

Very first video game

This is getting to be very tough to recall. The reason being that I only remember my love of games starting in general in an arcade, but am fuzzy on exactly which game I played first. I’ll go with Space Invaders, as a kid, in an arcade. The location of that arcade escapes my memory, but it was somewhere in Los Angeles.

Your Favorite Character

Link. The reason is pretty basic. Link represents the actual player of the game more than some fictional character, like Mario. That first quest through The Legend of Zelda was so much fun because the person exploring the dungeons and overworld of Hyrule is you, not some plumber. The TV commercials were cheesy, but fun, as well.

A game that is underrated

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. I almost didn’t play this game because I wasn’t sure another portable Zelda game could surprise and delight me as much as Link’s Awakening did. It did.

Your guilty pleasure game

This one’s tough because I tend to stay pretty mainstream with my gaming. I’ll say Pokemon Go is the one currently. I was never a fan of any Pokemon games, so this might be my gateway game. It’s not the only Pokemon game I own currently, after all.

Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were.)

Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. He’s a very lucky, for being a really nerdy guy, and who, with no combat experience, proceeds to save the world. I want to be a bit like him.

Most annoying character

Navi from Ocarina of Time. Hey! Listen!

Favorite game couple

John 117 and Cortana.

That’s it for now. The list will continue in part 2.

Source: 30 Videogame Answers, No Likes Part 1 | Through Wolfy’s Eyes

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