My current time wasting activity would have to be checking in on progress in the game Screeps. It’s something that continuously runs, like a typical MMO game, but it does sometimes need small pockets of focused concentration, to get those tiny bots (“creeps”, in game terms) back on track, should they misbehave. Sometimes, the in-game memory needs a bit of pruning to keep it running as well. I’ve recently respawned at a new location, so the rebuilding process is underway to reestablish some territory for me. I just noticed that the player who ousted me from a previous sector is just one sector away. Hopefully, they won’t look westward. I’ve got 9 days before I can expand again. That’s 9 days to get at least one base fortified enough to withstand an assault (I don’t currently have allies.)

This game works best in desktop systems and web browsers, although I can peek in on it from my phone.

I almost chose Pokemon Go, but I use that usually when I’m on my walks, so it counts as a workout (on iOS!) and not really a time-waster at that point. So, now, it’s your turn:

What is currently your favourite time waster?

Leave a comment, or post with a link back. Maybe there’s some fun stuff I might try.

Prompt source: #MicroblogMondays 128: Combinations Stirrup Queens

4 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – Time wasted

    • I didn\’t create what I\’m using right now, but I\’m trying to learn from it and modify it. I think 3 months before a respawn is decent, so its author seems to know what he\’s doing (he was featured in a recent epic Screeps war and is one of the top players.) I am fairly sure a lot of offensive code is missing (of course.) That\’s the part I think is going to make advancement hard, until I learn how to do offensive artificial intelligence (I will have to do some book-learning!)

  1. That sounds like a fairly demanding, intellect-challenging time waster! I waste a lot of time deciding how to waste time – staring into space as I wonder what to do next to pass the time at work. Blogging and browsing other blogs to keep up contacts takes up a lot of time, but is it a waste? I think we feel we have to produce something, have something to show for the time that passes. My major time waster is sitting on the sofa after work watching crap telly – that really is wasting time, I need to sort that out…

    • You’ve got your blog and follow others. I’d try that for a bit before TV time. I usually do that in the morning before I go to work and it seems to be sticking as a habit. 🙂

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